Worms reproduce very easily

Prevent pets from occupying the resting place of their owners, such as beds, sofas, blankets and cushions.
Wash fruits and vegetables very well by putting MMS or CDS for a few minutes in the soaking water. Clean the sink with alcohol since the eggs of many parasites Detoxant Review are immune to the pH of cleaning products such as soap or bleach.

It is important to bear in mind that parasitosis does not leave any kind of immunity, so once cured, the person who has suffered them can contract them again. In the case of the Ascaris, these worms reproduce very easily, and a single female can produce up to 200,000 eggs every day.

This parasite is very frequent especially in humid places and when hygiene measures are not adequate. They affect the entire population, but mainly children Detoxant Review, seriously disrupting their development and growth.

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