Skin care routine

Sun protection is a vital part of the skin care routine every morning. Excessive contact with ultraviolet rays can dry out your skin and imperfections can cause pigmentation problems if exposed excessively to the sun AmbroSina Skin Cream. Also, remember that acne medications can increase the sensitivity to ultraviolet rays of acne-prone skin. More details in the section called Acne and Sun Protection.

Use only products that have been formulated specifically for acne skin and that have demonstrated their non-comedogenic character. Be sure to take the remains of makeup before going to bed. More details in the section entitled “Makeup for skin imperfections”.

Around your face the skin cares properly every day, through years of achievements. Fortunately, in addition to anti-aging creams, along with other cosmetics that minimize the results of years AmbroSina Skin Cream, the remedies progress, which is not necessarily necessary for the operating room to have a younger face.

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